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Editorial Philosophy

How We Do What We Do

CFI Press makes no use of artificial intelligence. All its articles, essays, and journals have been written by human professionals. Nor does CFI Press employ the dubious writing practices as dictated by unknown powers-that-be to improve its ranking with search engines. This website considers SEO ‘standards’ an infringement on its own style and editorial policies and guidelines. CFI Press is not managed or steered by marketing considerations.

CFI Press is the home of long-form journalism and writing. Readers with limited attention spans are unlikely to enjoy our content. CFI Press doesn’t ‘do’ short blurbs or lists that seek to multiply clicks. In line with its editorial policy, the CFI Press website is moderately contrarian. 

CFI Press is fiercely independent and not beholden to any business, organisation, church, or political group. Its writers and editors are not subject to commercial considerations.

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